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We are actively trying to help the world by creating an open community of free spirits and like minded individuals who use the mind as the most enlightened sexual tool. In doing so we come up with toys that you and I want to use because they are fun and stimulate the spirit of what is really virtuous and true, Love.


If at first you can love yourself, maybe then you can love each other. Isn't that the beginning to a better world?


The products we bring to the world are aesthetically beautiful, functional, and sexy. They enliven the heart and spirit and allow for communication and momentous times between couples or partners who want more than just the normal everyday ho-hum. We wish to bring something special to the bedroom, something different and unique, something sexy and playful.


There are so many ways to utilize the Bonk'er Classic and the Extreme Bonk'er that no catalog or web site could ever be able to show all the virtues. Only one who can use it day in and day out can understand the beauty of its simplicity and design as we all grow to learn the comfort and positioning benefits it provides. There are numerous (hundreds) positions and counting and many varibale uses that the Bonk'er Classic and Bonk'er Extreme can assist with. That is just plain fun, thinking about what has yet to be thought of and applications on how to use these wonderful devices.


With the additional attachments being designed by Bonk Designs everyday and the use of outside products and novelties to be used as complementary toy/restraints for the Bonk'er- the sky is the limit for sexual experimentation.


Just think about the areas people will benefit from: Alternative lifestyle- Gay, lesbian, swinger or bi, fetish-light or heavy BD/SM, restraint, hetero couples, or solo-couple masturbation.  Pregnant sex or elevated conception Medical/Health- Aged, broken limbs, back injury, disability, kids disability, home nursing, overall comfort and positioning, stretching, traction, physical therapy, in-bed fitness, and sleep disorder.


We hope you will start to see the benefits The Bonk'er Classic, the The Bonk'er Extreme, and The Bonk'im can do for you too!