An Informative Report From The Desk Of The Bonkmaster
Dear Hopeful Orgasm Achiever:

If you have ever wanted to feel passionately excited about enjoying the variety, power, and sexual satisfaction usually reserved for your fantasies, now is the time to bring them to reality this may be the most important message you will ever read.

Are you looking for better sex? Do you yearn for romantic, connective sex with your partner while hoping for full satisfaction? Are you looking to have an orgasm every time or looking to have satisfying sex during pregnancy? Do you feel your thoughts are always about being sexually satisfied? Is he missing the mark, or not hitting the right spot?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are one of the huge percentage of women who are having sex that ARE NOT ACHIEVING AN ORGASM and reaching sexual satisfaction!

Do not be part of those frustrating statistics:

The percentage of women who orgasm every time they have sex: Men: 75% - Women: 29%.

Most guys haven't a clue when their partner is having an orgasm because most women aren't having them.

Around 26% of women have consistent trouble in reaching orgasm, as opposed to only 2.5% of men.

In additional to intercourse, 70% of women need additional stimulation, such as clitoral stimulation to orgasm.


Despite the above statistics, partners might still enjoy sex and both think sex is o.k. But why stop there and be part of a statistic! Give your partner shuddering and toe-curling orgasms every time. Your sex life may never be the same?

...imagine having an orgasm every time...

Here is how I can help you:

My name is Jordan Dawes. You may have seen my latest creations in LA Weekly, Maxim, OUT, Mens, ASB or AVN Magazines, Playboy, HBO, The Discovery Channel, Spice or QTV...

...but the embarrassing truth is, despite the increasing publicity of my revolutionary new products, my newfound recognition and the fact that I have helped hundreds of people transform their sex lives with my invention?

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