Dealing with the craziness of this business

This letter is something I believe rings true to this business therefore I wanted to share a snippet of it.
I am really excited about getting in with Oxygen network, but the restraints for this are quite tight. When I mean this, I mean the limitations for the boundaries for advertising sexuality. They have many limitations due to their own standards and practices which I am not knocking, but it is a great indicator of general business practices throughout this American political climate and the standards and practices that our political administration has deemed 'acceptable' in this day and age. What we are negotiating is an ad to be placed on their after dark website that we are working on together. Now this ad cannot be deemed pornography and there in lies the dilemma. 

There is no real definition of pornography, thus there is not real definition of true standards and practices of this or any real network. It all comes down to the person who manages content thinking or believing what will, or might, pass muster to the higher ups. Obviously there is no definitive line drawn so the peoples jobs are at stake if the boundaries are pushed too far, and really, no one wants to give up that kick ass corporate job for a little smut peddling.

It is funny how society deems pornography. We all are attracted to a little part of it, whether it is the actuality of the image or is it the feeling the images give us? I know that somewhere deep inside us we have a carnal desire to feel that sensation of naughtiness. To give in to temptation a bit is good. We are learning that more and more everyday. 

Doctors and psychologists are all in agreement that carnal desires are invigorating and are necessary in the development of emotional balance. Sexuality is a deep rooted, a psychological emotion and a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle, but when is it too much? Is it too much. Are those labeled 'depraved' beings actually our future leaders of an open and diverse Utopian humanity? Maybe our porn stars will be the ones noted in historical records as the saviors of our species. 

I got into this as just business as an inventor, a furniture maker, after designing sets and props as an art director on numerous commercials in the film industry. I also used to be a feature film editor on films such as Bad Boys, Lolita, Beyond Borders and Men in Black 2. I was so immersed as a filmmaker for over eleven years, founding a film festival (, working on my director reels, working on numerous features, commercials, music videos etc… that my time outside of film paled compared to being immersed in the industry. I have found that I got so burned out in that industry it was time to move on a do something different to learn something new, be my own boss. So I invented a few things. Set up a corporation, went through the legal, then developed a brand.

I have found that for this particular device, The Bonker, and marketing it to the adult world is just the same as in any business. It is all very hard work, but still is fascinating to see the response I get from the so called legitimate business world who think they are catering to the timid right wing, the so called red staters, so they market accordingly. It is always a laugh when we in the adult world look a the demographics of sales and see that our biggest customer base is smack dab across the center of the country, yes the bible belt, beating out the markets we would usually think as our most deviant and subversive; Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Miami. 

These are the facts and if more publicly known, they would make a lot of sense, due to human interaction and entertainment stimuli if broken down on an emotional or sociological level. This is who the adult market sells their wares. 

This is the market so when I hear a business trying to pamper down the message for their audience I have to laugh a little bit, because that very audience is some of which is learning to be a lot more enlightened and sexually aware than these business' are giving them credit for.

When dealing with services in the ‘legitimate world’, some initial and immediate responses to my business are very often just a shuddering cold shoulder or a quick discounted wave off, deeming it pornography. It is funny because I am sometimes deemed too timid in the adult world because I do not go full naked or full penetration etc…. in my marketing. 

It is a funny line I am drawing somewhere in between just marketing a few pieces of bent metal and leather. 
Now that I am driving traffic to the site I am trying to capture other customers since they are at my site by offering some of the best ‘adult’ offerings worldwide. It is just smart since my product line is deemed ‘expensive’ for the adult world consumers trying to buy something inexpensive. 

Think about it, people are used to spending $20 on a vibrator or dildo that falls apart within a year. They usually do not care if it breaks and then toss it as a novelty toy. The problem here is that stigma has followed the adult market for years and is slowly changing, but still, that idea of a disposable novelty is hurting the future of this business.

I am really trying to elevate the adult business and the product side of this market and bring some legitimacy while representing quality products that people aren’t ashamed to buy when playing with their partner. If we are enjoying a toy with a partner, most of which are solo based, so that really means most of us purchasing are buying a gift or a toy for ourselves and then if you think about it, they are buying a cheap novelty that is then to be used inside of themselves. 

Think about that, people are spending as little money on a product that they will end up putting inside of themselves? If they actually understood the chemical composition of some of these products, they would in no way place these items anywhere near their nether regions let alone their external dermis. 

Many of the latex products melt when touching another. Many manufacturers do not care about using medical grade silicone and opt for cheap latex to save dollars because ultimately it is business and they want the few dollars the uninformed customers are willing to fork out for the $20 vibe. 

The business is changing slowly and people are slowly becoming more aware of the health issues regarding these products so hopefully the adult business will elevate and grow and become a business that even though morally tainted in this environment it is legitimately health conscious.
Anyway, you get my point of frustration here a little bit

Bonkmaster’ Bonkum News (Xploits)