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Is The Bonk’er™ easy to store?

Many ways to hide your Bonk'er

The Bonk’er™ will remain clean and ready for use when stored in the shipping box supplied. Depending on the height of your bed (space underneath).  The Bonk’er™ will store conveniently under your bed for quick and spontaneous access. When concealed under the bed, The Bonk’er™ only occupies 4" in height. 

The Bonk’er™ arms can also store easily in the closet and occupy less space than an average coat.  The bases could be left in between the mattress and the box spring, or you could slide under the bed or place in the closet.

The Bonk’er™ also make wonderful "props", so you may want to leave them out and about for lounging about, relaxing, watching TV, or stretching while in bed.


Is it discretely packaged?

You may leave it on your doorstep.

Yes it comes in a brown, plain box measuring 22"x51"x4" with no exterior markings and an invoice from Bonk Designs.


Can The Bonk’er™ improve "the Act" with small penises?

Achieve better angles for increased stimulation.

90% of men measure the average of 6" when erect. For those males that are under whelmed in this area, The Bonk’er™ will create unique angles that provide greater pleasure for both partners. For her, he'll feel bigger. For him, she'll feel tighter. The Bonk’er™ can facilitate deeper penetration and increased stimulation. Size doesn't matter when it comes to The Bonk’er™!


Can The Bonk’er™ help females with discomfort?

Sometimes a better angle achieves better comfort and less strain or pain.

"Sexual intimacy is not limited to one position! Couples need to explore different positions in order to facilitate pain-free penetration. For example, placing you both in several different positions can help. Trying intercourse from a side-lying position can further comfort and increase pelvic opening.

Understanding the direction of the vaginal canal will help a woman physically guide the penetration and help her communicate to her partner what feels good. One more note about positions; having sex in the same position all the time will lead to boredom. Make sex fun and exciting by trying new positions." 

-"Painful Intercourse? Understanding The Causes Can Help." By Ditza Katz and Ross Lynn Tabisel


Does penetration angle increase female orgasm?

Better comfort and positioning equals better stimulation

"According to one study, up to 70% of young women are unable to climax through intercourse. The solution: getting both your bodies in the perfect pleasure position. 'Situating yourself so that your pelvis is tilted lets your partner penetrate you at an angle that allows his penis to rub against your G-spot' Berman explains.’ 


-Cosmopolitan magazine July 1999


Bonkum and International shipping???


My husband & I are into having fun & we already have the sex swing, the love couch, etc.  But what we don't have but would really like to have is The Bonker Extreme, our problem is that we live in Australia & can't seem to get one here!

We don't have a problem paying for one, our problem is finding somewhere to purchase one. I'm quite happy to order online but you don't seem to ship to Australia, So Please, Please can you help us purchase one or direct us to somewhere we can Please.



Bernadine & Richard


How Do I Order?

Order right here

Ordering products from Bonkum.com is easy and secure! Find a product, click on Buy Now or click Here to learn more.


What are the names of your products again?

The Bonk’er™ Classic, The Extreme Bonk’er™, and The Bonk’im™ 

Bonk Designs is the company which created www.Bonkum.com which sells The Bonk’er™ and the Extreme Bonk’er™. The Bonk’im™ product is in prototype and testing mode and will be available shortly-please be patient. Many new and exciting products are on the design table for future release so please keep coming back to the www.Bonkum.com to purchase the best in quality, unique design, and function.


How do I receive an exchange?

Easy and simple

For a merchandise exchange, the returned items (once received) will be credited to your credit card less shipping and handling charges. Your replacement order will be charged to your credit card and processed in accordance with our current pricing policy.


How do I receive my refund?

Once we receive your return and determine that it complies with our returns policy.

We will promptly refund the cost of the merchandise plus any applicable taxes. We do not issue credit for shipping and handling charges except if you were sent an incorrect or defective product. We will notify you via e-mail as soon as your refund has been processed. Your refund will be credited to the credit card that you used to make your purchase. Please allow up to 2billing cycles for the refund to appear on your credit card statement.