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Here at Bonk Designs we are constantly upgrading and re-testing our products to get the best possible products out to the market. Rugged testing procedures, quality products, and inventive ideas are what keep our clients and customers excited, happy, and keep coming back to us for the latest in innovative new toys. At our plant we have a rigorous Quality Control team. A multi-step process with numerous testing equipment at the facilities.

From the highest quality steel and top grain leather we use, to the time and level of engineering, research and development for each product. Quality is an understatement. We thoroughly strain the tensile strengths of all materials to test each product we manufacture, so when we say it is strong we mean it because we know how far we can push the limits.

The leather strap strain limit is tested to well over 2000 lbs before hitting the break point.

We use cold-rolled, high-strength bar steel, tubing and top grain leather, the highest quality for the touch, and for our strength and durability tests. The strain point is well over 350 lbs per set of two arms and 2 bases for our Bonk'er Sets.

We have searched the world over for the best parts, materials, and manufacturing to assemble our designs and are continually striving to enhance our products with monthly updates and new and improving product developments.

As a manufacturer, we are certificated with ISO 9001 certificate. This is an international Quality Control standard certification which includes all operation systems at a factory. The whole procedure and documention process takes about 5-6 months and are evaluated by a third party company before issuance of the ISO 9001 certificate.

We are also C-TPAT certified by Homeland Security Department.

We consistantly strive to be the best and make the best possible products for our customers.

We are the leader in sexual technology.

We hope you enjoy all our hard work and unique products and designs.